Starrgram 15: Proof of the Design

The Intelligent Design of Creation has recently found proof in a startling way at Earth's third dimensional level. As discussed in Starrgram 5, a core component of the Design is the geometric principle called, 'Cubistics'. Cubits are like building blocks, similar to Lego pieces that can make many things. An ordered collection of cubits according to rule is called a Cubistic Matrix. By Cubistics all of the Outer Creation has been blueprinted and expressed. Like a blueprint, Cubistic matrixes hold all of the information needed to produce a Creation at the planning stage, and like a roadmap depict all of the basic principles of the Creation when completed.

Taken from fig. 82 in Starrgram 8, Figure 107 below is the cubistic matrix depicting the seven dimensions of the Outer Creation. The figure was brought through 'as is' in the winter of 2002 as part and parcel of the Intelligent Design of Creation portion of the original work titled The Revelatorium. As discussed in Starrgram 8 each distinct little yellow hexagon part is called a 'Cubit'

As also discussed step by step in Starrgram 6, in any cubistic representation the red circles represent the presence of Intelligence, the yellow hexagonal cubes represent the fact of Substance, the straight Y Factor blue lines represent the fact of Energy, the crisscrossing blue lines extending out of the Y Factors represent the fact of the outer radiating action of Energy, and the white crisscrossing lines of the Starrs of David represent the fact of the inner radiating action of Energy.

Similarly as further explained in the Starrgram 6, any thick representation of the color means the particular attribute is in normal presence, a thin representation means it is diminished. By this ruling for example, in Figure 107 below, in the second outermost ring of cubits Substance (yellow) is diminished while Intelligence (red) and the Y Factor energies (blue) are in normal attribution. Since the second outermost ring depicts the sixth dimension, what is been shown is that the attribution of the sixth dimension is Intelligence/Energy as Substance is diminished.

As likewise also detailed step by step in Starrgram 8, the outer ring of twenty four cubits in Figure 107 depicts the seventh dimension with no diminished attributes. The third ring in of twelve cubits depicts the fifth dimension where Energy (blue) is diminished.

The next ring in is a conglomerate of seven different cubits all representing the fourth dimension of diminished Intelligence (red). And inside the center cubit, the first, second, and third dimensions of Intelligence, Energy, and Substance are collectively depicted as one cubit with their respective diminished attributes represented in each. The Figure in total presents the attributions of all the dimensions at one glance. 

Cubistics is fractal. It is the progenitor fractal principle from which all other fractals derive. A billion years ago an outer materialization of flora and fauna was initiated on Earth's surface based on the fractal rules of Cubistics. The materialization of Earth's third and fourth dimensions is called Ordinary Matter Substance. The materialization of Earth's fifth dimension is called 'Morontia' Substance. Morontia Substance appears together in common with Matter Substance as the Physical Universe seen by your eyes and telescopes.

The fourth and fifth dimensional component aspects are too high in frequency for your eyes and instruments to see. As mentioned, the Substance materialization of the sixth dimension is diminished, depicted in the Figure below as less yellow present. The materialization of the seventh is architectural, also too high in frequency for normal vision and instrumentation, seen in the Figure below as the outer yellow ring of all equal attributions. (Fig. 107).

Fig. 107 - Cubistic presentation of the Seven Dimensions of the Outer Creation

The next Figure below is Figure 107 rotated 90 degrees. (Fig. 108).

Fig. 108 - Fig. 107 rotated at 90 degrees.

Recently, outer world physical representations of the rulings have starting turning up in real life within the Earth's third dimensional outer world. Proving the rulings. Figure 109 below is a blow up of a lens flare which appeared in a Nikon photograph of the Sun taken in January of 2014, and was discovered on the Internet in May of 2016.

A close comparison of Figures 108 and 109 will confirm that Figure 109  is an almost exact reflection of Figure 108, showing a stand alone outer yellow ring matching exactly the ring of Architectural Substance of Figure 108.

The next ring in is dark, matching the sixth dimension of diminished Substance. The next ring in again is yellow again representing the fifth dimensionality of Morontia Substance. Inside that is the third and fourth dimensional conglomerate of seven cubits tied together. (Fig. 109)

Fig. 109

Figure 110 below is the original photograph with original blow up attached. The original flare is the small white spot at the five o'clock position in the photograph, originally thought to be Nibiru by those who get excited about such things. (Fig. 110).

Fig.110 - Native lens flare

Likewise, Figure 111 below is a photograph taken of the hexagon at the North Pole of Saturn by NASA in early 2012. Rotate it in mind's eye about fifteen degrees to the right, and it shows the exact same type of cubistic differentiations as Figures 107 and 108.

This one is particularly significant in that it clearly shows a definitive representation of the first, second, and third dimensional center cubit of Figure 107. (Fig. 111).

Fig. 111 - Saturn hexagon

The Creators are a Father and a Mother, known since Chapter 1, verse 8 of the book of 'Revelations' as Alpha and Omega. Figure 112 below depicts the fourteenth dimensional Cube and Sphere of Alpha and Omega, taken from fig. 37 of Starrgram 5. As revealed in Starrgram 5, the Cube and Sphere of Alpha and Omega is their very first generated outer cubistic formulation of themselves.

As explained, it is the projection of the inner principles of their Holy Trinity self manifested into an outer form of frequencies in order to begin Creation. It is both the interface between their higher un-manifested frequencies in their Fifteenth dimension and higher, and their manifested frequencies in their thirteenth dimension and below as Creation.

Specifically, as explained in Starrgram 5, the yellow portion of the Cube and Sphere is a Cube of Pure Substance, the red portion is a Sphere of Pure Intelligence, and the blue portions are upper and lower Y Factors of Pure Energy. The Cube and Sphere comprises the entirety of the fourteenth dimension.

It is the cornerstone of their Intelligent Design applied in practice, and is the progenitor mold for all Soul Atoms in Creation which have followed. The Cube and Sphere figures in every aspect of Earth's cubistically founded outer expression. (Fig. 112).

Fig. 112 - Cube and Sphere of Alpha and Omega

In two thousand and thirteen, interesting photographs of melted snowflakes taken by the Japanese photographer Masaru Emoto, were found on the Internet. Figure 112 below is an Emoto ice crystal photograph. If rotated about ten degrees clockwise in mind's eye, it very clearly reveals the Cube and Sphere principles of the Cube, Sphere, and Y Factors of Figure 113 captured perfectly in the effect. Even the ratio between the size of the Sphere and size of the hexagonal Cube is exact.

This is not by accident. As previously explained, Earth's outer surface evolution was started one billion years ago founded solely on the principles of Cubistics. Which in turn is founded solely on the principles of the Cube an Sphere. (Fig. 113).

Fig. 113 - 1st Melted Snowflake reflection.

The one nice thing about consistency is that it proves itself. The Cubistic rules of the Design are shown just as well by an actual ice crystal before it melted, which was photographed in Riga Latvia on January 8. 2017. The photograph was taken he had noticed vertical light columns on a cold winter night and wanted to see if the could capture the ice crystals causing the columns. Two or three photographs were subsequently posted on website as a matter of interest. Don't forget, Nature produced the melted ice crystal in Figure 112 above and the ice crystals below in accordance with rules of the Universal Intelligent Design of Creation, the photographers didn't. (Fig. 114).

Fig. 114 - Ice Crystal Reflection

The following is the original slide from the Space Weather website which the above sample was taken from. You will notice a slew of Cubistic effects all over the place. The one above is from the upper left below. A similar white crystal just under the flying sprite near the bottom right could also have been used as the blow up. (Fig. 115).

Fig. 115 - Original Ice Crystal Reflection

Similarly, as further explained in Starrgram 5, the Cube and Sphere of Alpha and Omega projected one dimension down produces a Cubit. In the cubit, the Cube becomes a hexagonal cube of Substance, the Sphere becomes a circle of Intelligence, the Y Factors become flattened lines of Energy, and the Starr of David holding the circle and Intelligence together in perfect balance becomes visible.

As explained in Starrgram 2, the projection is that you call a 'Cubit'. A cubit is not a 'Howlongisit' it is a 'Whatisit'. The cubit is the basic genome of Creation, and by its use the whole of Creation has been blueprinted and expressed. All Soul Atoms in Creation are embodiments of the Cube and Sphere principles, but in cubit form, including yourselves.

The presence of the Starr of David in the cubit, not seen in the Cube and Sphere itself shows why the Cube portion and the Sphere portion in Figure 112 are held in perfect balance of their potentials according to rule. The proportionality is shown clearly in Figure 116 below. The original is Figure 7 in Starrgram 2.  (Fig. 116).

Fig. 116 - The Cubit

As fig. 107 exemplified, cubits can be expanded into cubistic matrixes. A close look reveals it is composed entirely of cubits like fig. 116, with each cubit reflecting a difference in its attributions according to its purpose.

Planning out cubistic matrixes in principle according to purpose in advance is how Creation is blueprinted. Cubistics upholding the manifestation in consciousness when done is how Creation is upheld afterwards as expressions in practice according to need.

The simplest cubistic matrix possible is a second cubit surrounding the first. The next Figure below is fig, 49 from Starrgram 6. Starrgram 6 explains in detail how the second cubit is expanded from the original single cubit into cubistic matrixes according to rule. (Fig. 117).

Fig. 117 - Simple Cubistic Matrix

The next Figure below is another Emoto melted snowflake found on the Internet in 2013. Which, except for a few ghosted out Energy line parts reflects both the inner and outer cubits of Figure 116 almost perfectly. The Energy line are actually present exactly where they should be as seen by the small gaps at the precise proper locations within the circle. This one is the money shot because the match is exact, even to scale. Even one 'ad hock' produced photograph out of a hundred million would be hard pressed to do that. (Fig. 118).

Fig. 118 - 2nd Melted Snowflake reflection

The thing to remember is that the Intelligent Design was not created by an Author in an effort to explain these results. The cubistic renderings of the Intelligent Design were done as you see them today in two thousand and two, years before these third dimensional outer world reflections even began to become discovered and accumulated long after the fact. The Intelligent Design of Creation behind all Creation created these outer effects and not the other way around.

It is not remarkable that such melted snowflakes and lens flares representations replicate the ruling of cubistic matrixes almost perfectly. As stated earlier, Earth was matrixed with a third dimensional evolution one billion years ago founded totally on specific cubistic blueprints specifically designed to produce the specific kind of evolutionary progressions need on Earth to return it from two strand DNA dross to twelve strand Crystalline DNA over the eons, Nearly completed.

By fact of the Intelligent Design, the inter-dimensional laws of Creation are consistently the same throughout all dimensions of Creation from the fourteenth dimension on down to the first. In the third dimension they are consistent all the way down to the simplest aspects, even down to the parts of an atom.

The rulings of the Intelligent Design are held in the consciousness of the Holy Trinity in the fifteenth dimension. The projected Sphere of the Cube and Sphere of Alpha and Omega represents the Intelligence of the Father, the projected Cube represent the Substance of the Mother, and the projected Blue lines represent the Energy of the Only Begotten Son/Daughter. Intelligence, Energy, and Substance is all there is.

Creation is built entirely upon the Cubistic principles of the Intelligent Design formulated by the Creators to expand themselves within themselves according to purpose. Creation is under constant production of their Consciousness on an ever expanding basis. And their consciousness rules the roost. You have learned more about how Creation works in these simple little Starrgrams than in all of the texts books of Mankind throughout all of history combined.

You are free to repost or use any part of this information, or all, anyway you like as long as you provide a link or reference to the website or book as source.

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