In Divine Order


The Intelligent Design by which all Creation has been Blueprinted and Expressed



Solar Law comes in through Leo, Galactic Law comes in through Aquarius. The Piscean Age of the last two thousand years has ended, and the Age of Aquarius has begun. The 'Great Book' is being opened at last and you consciousnesses will be expanding all the way for the next two thousand years. At the end of Aquarius you will have been raised back up into the fifth dimension where you belong.

The Great Mysteries of the Cosmos are starting to become revealed, and the Waters of Truth have begun to outpour and will continue downloading into your consciousnesses throughout Aquarius as that you call Illuminations. At the forefront of Galactic Law is the Intelligent Design by which all of Creation has been blueprinted and expressed.

By the time you have finished reading this disclosure you will know for a certainty that a higher dimensional Universe exists, that Creation exists solely though an Intelligent Design formulated by the Creators to expand themselves within themselves, that there is naught in Creation not of the Design, and you will know for a certainty that the Creators, our Father and our Mother Creators, exist. Being there a Design, be there a Designer.

You are not yet aware of the Intelligent Design because you have not yet been made aware of the Principles of Creation. Your entire world view is held in a stygian deep of forgone thought known as the 'Mentallized Illusion'. The Mentallized Illusion is the accumulated by-product of your misaligned thinking over the last three and a half million years. Because of the illusion your current notions about Reality are completely misconstrued.

You believe the entirety of Creation is a fourteen billion year old Universe. In Reality, Creation is over nine hundred trillion light years across and still within its infancy. You believe that Creation started out with a single big bang just over fourteen billion years ago. Creation started from an absolute single one and only point of Creation untold eons ago. By work of their Design, the Creators have been converting themselves from out an original causeless ill fated formulation of Intelligent Breath and Tiny Particles of Substance into their caused everlasting Triune formulation of Intelligence, Substance, and Energy called Creation.

The Cosmos is not trivial. Every Starr in every Galaxy has a potential family of twelve Planets. Every Starr and every Planet has a conscious population in its fifth dimension. The fifth dimension is the bottom line of Creation, the top line is the thirteenth. Creation in total comprises the thirteenth dimension to the first. The Holy Trinity above Creation, is the entirety of the fifteenth dimension. The entirety of the fourteenth dimension is a Cube and Sphere interface between the un-located frequencies of the Holy Trinity and the located frequencies of Creation below. Original ill fated Intelligent Breath and Tiny Particles of Substance comprises the totality of the eighteenth dimensional Great Even Pool of Darkness, boundless and without form. Creation is the process by which their terminating unlighted Even Pool frequencies of Intelligence and Substance is gradually being converted into everlasting lighted versions of their Intelligence, Energy, and Substance. Their Intelligent Design is their modus operand. By their order they work their darkness into light.

It can be revealed that in all of Creation only a very small handful of twenty five hundred planets including Earth has a conscious population in the third dimension, ill consequence of the Luciferian Self Will Rebellion of the Cosmic Overplus which began five billion years ago. A mammoth inter-dimensional clean up in the aftermath of the Rebellion is already well underway as that you call Armageddon. Armageddon extends across this Local Universe of a thousand Galaxies where the Rebellion took place. Earth is currently the center of attention because of things to come.

Similarly, great fifth dimensional cosmic events are beginning to occur now on Earth in significant number. Including a new twenty five thousand year Dispensary cycle, a new two hundred and fifty thousand year Evolutionary cycle, and a new two hundred and fifty million year Galactic cycle. Plus a whole new anti-matter Super Universe is starting up in Andromeda by bifurcation off this Local Universe, with Earth right in the middle of the point of bifurcation. All part and parcel of the original out workings of the Intelligent Design. You are not on Earth by coincidence.

The version of the Intelligent Design as revealed herein is in the most simplistic yet most comprehensive form ever yet presented in front of Creation. The design is child simple, vested in Principles and able to produce Creative result without limit. Do not let the religious overtones of some of the Starrgrams herein put you off. The 'Intelligent Design of Creation' is anything but a religious tome. Likewise, the 'Intelligent Design of Creation' is on the Christ Table as is and has no other reason or self serving purpose. You are well advised to read the Intelligent Design all the way through and question your beliefs, rather than to rely on your beliefs and question the Design. Please note that the Disclosure comprises a large amount of information invery short order, so it needs to be read carefully and thoroughly, not raced through like a novel.

Starrgram 1 to 5 details the fundamental aspects the Design. Starrgrams 6 to 12 details the basic Creative implementations of the Design. For the Scientific minded who tend to dismiss out of hand things not of the laboratory burner or theoretical pen, Starrgram 13 deals with the Micro Universe. In particular, in the middle of Starrgram 13 the three basic up quarks and three basic down quarks are generated straight out the rules for Cubistics. Similarly, near the end of the Starrgram the basic natures of the photon, electron, and neutrino are also shown by pure Cubistic formulation.

Also please note that 'The Intelligent Design of Creation is a Revelatory work and is Book One of a three volume set titled 'The Revelatorium Revelations'. Book Two, 'The 'Revelatorium of Alpha and Omega' is also revelatory, presenting applications of the Design as higher Cosmic Laws of Reality. 'The Radionnic Ships of the Heavenly Host' is Book Three, providing a complete revelatory Disclosure of the existence of the Heavenly Host on Earth by teaching you exactly how to see them. For convenience, the indexes of all three Volumes are presented in full down the right hand side of every Starrgram in every Volume.

Also please note that the 'Revelatorium Revelations' is a pure Christ Melchizedek teaching, given to you by grace from the Melchizedek Worlds of the Magellanic Clouds to help progress your consciousnesses into full fifth dimensional realization. It is for the benefit of all Humanity and not for the sake of a privileged few. Nor is it intended for self gain or malpractice. Nor is it a promiscuous matter or a scholarly work. Nor is it the product of conjecture or pontification, or a doctrine or personal belief. Nor does it represent a new philosophy, religion, or group. Nor is it intended to stir up controversy or debate, nor is it to be used as fodder for a Church.