As detailed in Starrgrams 6 and 7, the Outer Creation is divided into seven Great Super Universes. Each Super Universe is divided into Local Universes. Each Local Universe comprises approximately a thousand galaxies. Local Universes are completely Trinitized. The Trinitization stems from both the original plan of Alpha and Omega to expand themselves in their Intelligence, Energy, and Substance, and from their original Holy Trinity frequencies of Father, Only begotten Son/Daughter, and Mother who keep the plan in motion. Their Intelligent Design is how it is being accomplished. Soul Atoms are a hallmark component of their Intelligent Design. Soul Atoms of the Outer Creation live only within local Universes. You are currently dwelling within Christ Michael's Local Universe.

By direct link to Paradise through the Cube and Sphere the Creators express their Inner Creation. By direct link to the Seven Master Spirits of Creation through the Cube and Sphere the Creators express their Outer Creation Super Universes. By direct link to their Creator Son/Daughters through the Cube and Sphere the Creators express their Local Universes within the Super Universes. By link to all their living Soul Atoms in projection through all their channels, the Creators express every nook and cranny of their Creation.

The consciousness of the Holy Trinity is collectively Triune as Father, Son/Daughter, and Mother. The consciousness of the Cube and Sphere is singularly Triune as Intelligence, Energy, and Substance. The consciousnesses of Soul Atoms in projection are singularly Triune as Intelligence, Energy, and Substance. The consciousness of the Holy Trinity extends to everyone in Creation. The consciousness of the Cube and Sphere extends to the Master Spirits and the Paradisiacal Son/Daughters.

The Holy Trinity and everything above are not materialized. The Cube and Sphere and the rest of Creation below the Cube and Sphere is materialized.

The Master Spirits and Paradisiacal Sons/Daughters communicate with the Cube and Sphere. Everyone else in Paradise experiences its imminent presence as their Sun, but do not communicate with it directly.

The Holy Trinity cannot be seen, whose ever-present presence is experienced by everyone in Creation. You do not sense well the Holy Trinity in your present Earth predicament because you are currently polarized to the planet and not the Creators.

New Whole Soul Atoms are created within the sixteenth dimensionality of the Creators. From the Absolute Lake of Intelligence and Energy, Absolute Units of Intelligence and Energy are formulated into Whole Soul living sparks containing one hundred and ninety nine smaller living Soul Atom sparks called Ovarian.

The Whole Soul sparks with their Ovarian Soul Atoms counterparts are then passed on down through the fifteenth dimensional Father, Son/Daughter, and Mother Holy Trinity Triune action of Alpha and Omega for unitization and personification. Which are then passed into the fourteenth dimensional Cube and Sphere, where they are passed from the side of Alpha into the Cube of Omega to become initialized with the capacity to form materializations as Christ Triune Co-Creative Beings.

The Soul Atoms are then passed from the Cube and Sphere into the thirteenth dimension of Paradise as Whole Soul Atoms ready to begin undertaking their responsibility in the expansion of Creation.

From Paradise, Soul Atoms destined for the Inner Creation are passed progressively down through the dimensions of the Inner Creation into their dimension of office, learning and preparing them for their responsibilities to come.

Soul Atoms destined for the Outer Creation are passed down through the dimensions of the Inner Creation learning and preparing for their responsibilities to come in the Outer Creation as Descendant administrators or Ascendant Evolutionaries as the case may be.

Whole Soul Atoms typically exist in the dimension of their mandate and project their Ovarian Soul Atoms down into such lower dimensional frequencies as they may be called upon while undertaking their ongoing responsibilities.

Before becoming expressed into Creation, the Whole Soul Atom and their one hundred and ninety-nine Ovarian sparks are given the full Alpha attribution of Intelligence, component of Alpha. They are also given an initial inner attribution of Energy, component of the Only Begotten Son/Daughter, which comprises their personae and type of Being they are to be, plus their particular responsibilities to bear. They are also given an initializing aspect of Omega which they carry with them as a preliminary Mother aspect

Within the Cube and Sphere they are given a full potential materializing aspect of Omega which they carry with them as their main Substance aspect enabling them to form outer projections as incarnations. When they finally do incarnate, their material Substance body is acquired as their full Omega component, and their full Outer Y Factor Energy attribution is Energized as component of the Only Begotten Son/Daughter.

Descending Whole Soul Atoms and their Ovarian complement are initially well attributed with their inner Christ Son/Daughter Co-Creative persona factor. Who are able to begin their careers in love and service with minimal initialization. Ascending Whole Soul Atoms and their Ovarian complement do not start as well attributed with the Son/Daughter Factor as the Descendancy. Learning their way to full Christ Trinitization is the vector of their existence.

The main Substance component attributions of all Soul Atoms do not occur at source, but later during the acts of forming their outer projections or incarnations. When a Soul Atom projects, in accordance with its projecting purpose, it precipitates Substance around itself down its staff lines according to the electromagnetic lines of its Starr of David to form an outer materialization within the Substance frequencies of the dimension of the projection and up.

The materializing process is not unlike the incarnating principle within Earth's aberrant time line, wherein within your Mother's womb your Soul Atom draws the Substance down through the staff lines of your Mother plus her own outer physicality along its magnetic lines, until you are ready for birth as a fully materialized baby having all your purposes and governments interred in the process.

Your Substance materialization is not just of the Substance frequencies of your current level of projection. In any materialization, at whatever level, your net linkage of Substance frequencies goes all the way back up to Omega in the sixteenth dimension through the staffs connections, sufficient to equalize with your original attributed Alpha component which is always on full exemplar within the highest frequency of your created purpose.

From the sixteenth dimension, Substance/Energy frequencies from the Absolute Pillar of Substance and Energy are passed on down through the staff channels. As they pass down they pick up the Substance/Energy frequencies of the dimensions they pass through including the dimension of the projection. The net accumulation comprises you Soul Atom's net outer bodily materialization.

This allows any Whole or Ovarian Soul Atom of any dispensated endowment to project into any dimensionality for any purpose whatsoever, without encountering limitation with respect to the full available Intelligence factor of their potential while in the projection.

In the lower frequencies of Earth, a further step is taken, your inner body manifestation is from the dimension you are from whereas your outer body manifestation is mainly Matter Substance up from the planet.

Whole Soul Atoms of the Inner Creation project Ovarian Atoms down through the eight dimensional portal into the Outer Creation as Planets, Starrs, and other celestial bodies such as Quasars. Whole Soul Atoms of Ancients of Days project directly down into the Outer Creation as Super Universe administrators.

Neutron stars, Proton stars, and similar high powered cosmic expressions, are Suns and other entities who have continued their own evolution after their families of Planets have gone on to their own next evolutions as new formed Starrs in their own right, as child becoming parent.

Other than the Seven Master Spirits of Creation, Paradisiacal Creator Son/Daughters have the highest frequency of Beingness in Creation. Creator Son/Daughters set up and maintain whole Local Universes within their consciousnesses. Paradisiacal Teacher Son/Daughters teach Christ principles to the evolution and undertake Christ bestowals, where the true expression of Christ is revealed to them by word and example. Paradisiacal Magisterial Son/Daughters rule when an Evolution is ready to move up to their next level of learning or not.

The Master Spirits and Paradisiacal Sons/Daughters are the only ones having an immediate experience with the Cube and Sphere, who are able to see it inter-dimensionally. All other Beings in Paradise experience an ever present awareness of its close proximity. All other Beings in Creation are aware of the Cube and Sphere by learning about it or by its animus as the case may be.

Paradisiacal Creator Son/Daughters are the only ones having an immediate communion with the Holy Trinity through the Cube and Sphere, acting as proxies on behalf of the Holy Trinity in the Outer Creation. 'Who has seen me has seen the Father'.

The other Paradisiacal Son/Daughters can, and do project into the Outer Creation in the service of Creation, usually staying near the frequencies of the eight dimensional portals of the Super Universes into which they have come, and projecting their Ovarian Soul Atoms down into the dimensions and locations as necessary.

Whenever a Paradisiacal Son/Daughter arrives at the Outer Creation side of the portal, the respective Super Universe is greatly honoured and their arrival is heralded by great festivity and ceremonies of love, honour, and respect.

Before Local Universes are started, the respective Creator Son/Daughters submit a blueprint of their proposed creation to Alpha and Omega for approval. The actual number, size, and type of galaxies planned in the blueprint will reflect the particular type of consciousness the Local Universe is to express, and the eventual benefit upon Creation it will contribute. Once completed, their plans are presented to Alpha and Omega for approval. Once approved their Local Universe is initiated with help from the respective Master Spirit of Creation involved. Once underway, the Whole Soul Creator Son/Daughters rule and dispense their Ovarian Atoms as needed from their seventh dimensional seats on high as heart and centers of their Local Universe creation.

All Soul Atoms in a Local Universe are brought down into it through the consciousnesses of Father Melchizedeks. Both Descending and Ascending Beings come through as Whole Soul Atoms. Descending Soul Atoms reside in the dimension and frequency of their dispensation, who can and do project Ovarian Atoms down into lower dimensions as volunteers or on special call.

Ascending Whole Soul Atoms and their Ovarian compliment start out in the fifth dimension of a Local Solar Sector. Then move upward through their evolutionary progressions as able.

The evolutionary progress occurs in the fifth dimension of the planets upon which they may be temporarily resident for the experience. Planets do not spawn evolutions. Contrary to the precepts of your current Mentallized Illusion, not a single Planet in all of Creation has ever spawned an Evolution on its surface. Rather, evolutions are placed there in Soul groups to undergo the particular stage of evolutionary progression the particular planet has been prepared for.

Evolutionaries pass through many incarnations on many planets during their fifth dimensional level of learning. During their progress their Whole Soul Atoms migrate together in groups. The type, size, and amount of movement for each group varies strictly with each different root race, and Solar, and Planetary environment involved, but the migration is always systematic and always as a group according to rule.

The root race evolutions which have passed through the frequencies of Earth have all been in Whole Soul groups of ten billion. The ten billion Whole Soul Atoms initiating each group were resident in the Sun during the undertaking. Each Whole Soul Atom in the group projected an Ovarian Atom, which then projected together as a ten billion Ovarian group into Earth's fifth dimensionality for their particular cycle of incarnations.

Once all one hundred and ninety nine of the Whole Atom's possible Ovarian groups had moved through, the Whole Soul group was moved on to their next evolutionary experience and a new root race Whole Soul Group was moved into the Sun to take their place in accordance with Earth's Planetary blueprint of root race evolutions. So far in all, a hundred trillion Soul Atoms have been moved through Earth's root race program. All root race programs in Creation proceed in a similar manner, albeit tailored to each specific Planetary and Solar environment plus the particular root race's evolutionary purpose and stage of advancement.

Earth's root race program commenced two hundred and fifty million years ago. The first Root Race Soul group was Taikotean. Mary Magdalene and Jesus were the first of the Taikoteans to complete the progress, instrument in things to come to do with their Christ bestowal of two thousand years ago.

.  A full complement of eleven Whole Soul evolutionary root race groups have passed through Earth's frequencies so far. The remaining and final Whole Soul Group in the Sun for Earth is Adamic. Their last and final projecting Ovarian Soul group, still to finish, comprises the current ten billion Adamic Ovarian Soul Atoms now bogged down in Earth's third dimensional outer world condition by misadventure.

Once an Ascending Whole Soul Atom has achieved accomplishment and is back in Paradise, they become fully Christ Trinitized at the feet of the Creators by a full attribution consolidation of all the progressive frequencies which each of their Ovarian Soul complement has adopted into their consciousnesses on their ever upward progress towards completion.

A Whole Soul Atom Trinitization is accomplished by the complete Trinitization attribution of all of their Ovarian complement Soul Atoms.

The newly Trinitized Whole Soul Atoms then return to Creation as responsible completed Christ Triune Beings in their own right. Acting as Co-Creative projections in the Outer Creation assisting the Descendancy wherever possible according to the unique frequency capabilities of their particular path to accomplishment.

Some remain in the Inner Creation and return as eighth dimensional Sun and Planet Soul Atoms. Some remain in the Inner Creation to help with others migrating on the way down or back up.

The overall Trinitization of a Local Universe mirrors the Holy Trinity in two respects. The first through the attributions of Intelligence, Energy, and Substance, and the second through the principles of Father, Son/Daughter, and Mother.

The Trinity aspects of a Local Universe from the Intelligence, Energy, and Substance side are through the dimensional frequencies of the seven frequencies tied together. The Heart and Center intricacies of the seven great Super Universe bubbles are not set up by the seven Master Spirits of Creation, radiating from their centers. Rather each Super Universe is started as a basic individual cubistic field based on its attribution, and projected from Paradise through the eight dimensional portal by the respective Master Spirit of Creation.

In order to have the equivalent of a Heart and Center working within the Super Universes, Paradisiacal Creator Son/Daughters form Local Universes within the Super Universe fields with themselves acting as localized Heart and Centers. In their inner action, each comprises in consciousness the seven permutations of the Father, Son and Daughter, and Mother. In their outer action each expresses the seven permutations of Intelligence, Energy, and Substance tied together.

Just as the Holy Trinity carries the life stream of the whole Creation through their Starr of David Energy interaction, Creator Son/Daughters carry the whole life stream of their Local Universe through their individual Starr of David Energy interactions. As such, there is no difference between the Creative Son/Daughters in their whole Local Universe doings, and Alpha and Omega in their whole Universe doings. Again, 'Who has seen me has seen the Father'.

Numerous Son/Daughter Heart and Centers exist within a Super Universe field. The Super Universe fields are enormous and the number of Local Universes is very large, even for the first Super Universe of Intelligence which was very small. All Local Universes within a Super Universe bear the attributional bias of the Super Universe to which they belong.

The growing notion of what you call multiple parallel Universes has its genesis in the multiples of Local Universes within a given Super Universe. All are basically the same in their principles under the scope of the Intelligent Design and attribution of the Super Universe they belong to, but each varies somewhat in its practices under the specific plans for Creation each Creator Son/Daughter submitted to Alpha and Omega for approval. Local Universes do not have the same histories, differing only in trivia amounts as your parallel Universe theories propose. Rather, Local Universes all have the same basic portends, but all differ completely in individual frequency and history as each Creator Son/Daughter is a completely different individual with a completely different Creative agenda and purpose for Creation.

An arbitrary cubistic matrix depiction below serves to show how Local Universes are counted. In the depiction, the Local Universes in the Super Universe are represented by cubits. As per convention, thin lines are used to depict a diminished attribute and thick to depict it as normal. (Fig. 94).

Fig. 94 - Arbitrary Depiction of Local Universes in the Third Super Universe of Substance

In the above depiction, the third Super Universe of Substance is arbitrarily used for the representation, where Intelligence and Energy are diminished. In the depiction, each Local Universe cubit bears the same attributional bias of normal Substance with diminished Intelligence and Energy. A Creator Son/Daughter is arbitrarily depicted by a Cube and Sphere at the center of every Local Universe cubit to give them context.

Each different cubit location in the matrix implies a different frequency and purpose from its differing location, and all the differing frequencies of all the differing parts connecting to it. Mirroring the fact of every Creator Son/Daughter and their specific Local Universe has a different frequency and purpose.

To determine the total number of Local Universes in a Super Universe, taking the center cubit in fig. 94 as the starting point, six new cubits are added around the original center to make seven. Adding in six more to the six in a next expansion according to the rule for expanding the fourth dimension into the fifth as outlined in  figs. 71 to 78 in Starrgram 7,makes twelve around the seven for a total of nineteen altogether.

A similar next expansion adds another six for eighteen around the nineteen for a total of thirty seven. Finally, as depicted in the example, another six to the eighteen are added to make twenty four more around the thirty seven, for a total of sixty one cubits altogether in fig.94.

If the expansion were continued in the same way for thousands upon thousands upon thousands of times instead of just the four, adding six more cubits to the net total around the edges at every next step, the total number of Local Universes in a Super Universe would eventually be cubistically depicted as the resulting number of overall cubits.

In the case of Local Universes, if the expansions were done just eighteen times in reflection of the total number of dimensions of Alpha and Omega, the resulting number of equal sized cubits would have increased from the original one to one thousand and twenty seven. The cubistic Galactic capacity of a Local Universe.

Every Local Solar Sector also has around a thousand Solar System members based on the same method of counting. Most Local Universes and Local Solar Systems do not contain their full cubistic capacity. Usually around a thousand. The Orion Local Solar Sector to which Earth belongs is still undergoing development, containing only about six hundred and sixty five solar systems.

The fundamental underlying cubit of every Local Universe, the fundamental underlying cubit of every Galaxy in a Local Universe, and underlying Solar Sector cubit of every Galaxy reflects the attribute of the Super Universe to which the Local Universe belongs.

The overall size of each Super Universe depends on the total number of Local Universes. The total number of Local Universes depends on the total number of expansions. The total number of expansions for each Super Universe varies considerably. The total number for the first Super Universe of Intelligence is very large even though the Super Universe is relatively small. For this last Super Universe of Triune Triune it is enormous.

As always, the cubistic depiction in fig. 94 is not an actual layout. It only serves to imply how Local Universes reside within a Super Universe according to the rule of number and the Super Universe's basic attribution.

Within the Local Universes, life frequencies in Creation are comprised of two parts. The first part is active which is aligned to Will. The second part is passive which is aligned to Desire. Life is from both the active Intelligent Breath and the passive Tiny Particles of Substance of the original Great Even Pool of Darkness. Both live by cause of their causeless enervations.

In the Cube and Sphere of Alpha and Omega, the active life stream of Creation is passed from the Sphere of Pure Intelligence of Alpha to the Cube of Pure Substance of Omega. Within the Cube it is permeated by and equalized with the passive life stream of Creation. It is then issued through the Pure Energy Y Factor and Starr of David of the Only Begotten Son/Daughter as the life stream essences of Creation. In the Local Universes the Creator Son/Daughters carry the life stream in representation of the Only Begotten. Creation lives because the Creators live.

In general, staffs have to do with the Substance side of Energy, Starrs of David have mainly to do with the Intelligence side, and rods have to do with both. Within Creation the Starrs of David carry the Creators intent, the staffs and rods carry the resulting materializations.

The staffs are like backbones. The staffs stay connected throughout all the domains within a dimension and within all the dimensions from the top down and back up, interacting throughout. The staffs carry the accumulated basic parameters and layouts of the chain of Substance frequencies down into the final resulting smallest domain of the lowest dimension involved.

Just as the Paradisiacal Creator Son/Daughters are in direct inner communication with the Holy Trinity through their Starrs of David, they are also in direct outer communication with the respective Master Spirit of Creation under whose jurisdiction their Local Universe lies. The full pathway of the down coming staff Energies are from the sixteenth dimensional Pillar of Substance and Energy, through the Holy Trinity into the Cube and Sphere of Alpha and Omega, from the Cube and Sphere to the Master Spirit of Creation involved, from the Master Spirit of Creation involved to the Local Universe Creator Son/Daughter involved, from the Local Creator Son/Daughter involved to their local administrators involved, from their local administrators involved to the Planetary Princes of the Planets involved, and from the Planetary Princes involved to the particular Soul Atoms involved for an incarnation or an undergoing creative project as the case may be. The Substance materialization of any outer projection at any frequency is capitulated through this pipe.

In the fifth dimension, first level Lanonandek Son/Daughters are the staff channel Administrators of Local Solar Sectors under command of the Creator Son/Daughters involved From the first level Lanonandek administrators of their Local Solar System involved, the Staff Energies are passed down to the second level Lanonandek Planetary Princes of the Planets involved. Who then pass them down as the situations require.

The rods are not continuous between the domains and dimensions. Bearing instead the specific frequencies marking each particular domain and dimension distinct from any other down to the individual level. The frequencies of the rods are generated from within the individual or domain and move back out into the local.

At the fifth dimensional Planetary level of an evolution, the staffs bear the net basic materialization informations of the evolutionary, Planetary, Solar System, Solar Group, Local Universe, and Super Universe frequencies in which the evolution is participating. All individuals within a given domain share in the same net staff frequencies.

Each individual within the domain additionally generates the frequencies of their rod as a reflection of their own particular actions of consciousness. Every individual in a fifth dimensional projection is distinct from everyone else as reflected through their respective Christ Son/Daughter personas and resulting rod activities.

Similarly, specific domains generate the frequencies of their related rod activities. At the macro level, no two Planets are alike, nor are two solar systems, nor are two galaxies, nor are two Local Universes. At the micro level, differing combinations of rods, circles, and Starrs of David frequencies define the differences and charge state interactions of the third and fourth dimension at the atomic, sub atomic, and precipitating fragments levels.

The Starrs of David Christ light frameworks are likewise continuous throughout the domains and within a specific domain. The Starrs carry the creative purposes of the higher consciousnesses involved. For example, the consciousness which a particular root race in the fifth dimension of a given Planet is to bear is carried in the Starr of David component set up as part of the fifth dimensional structure for that particular evolutionary program.

At the Matter Substance level, the Starrs of David help induce the background electromagnetic and magnetic parameters for the expansion of the fourth and third dimensions. As the lower dimensions expand from both below and above, the whole Outer Creation expands accordingly.

The Starrs of David are mainstays within any Creative and Co-Creative blueprint. Within you, the staff frequencies of your matrixes are from the overall hook ups with the staffs of the greater matrixes in which your projection is made. Your Y Factors govern the size of your projections in keeping with your Alpha factor in projection.

Your individual Starrs of David help tailor your specific spiritual responsibilities to bear. The inter connectivity of your Starr of David to the higher dimensions and all the way to the top keeps you ever inside the fold of the Only Begotten Son/Daughter.

In the overall net result, at any level, your circle, Y Factors, staffs, rods, and Starrs of David are all equally part and parcel of your individual consciousness manifesting therein. Your Soul Atom bears the main Intelligence action, your Y Factors, staffs and rods bear the main radiation rules which in turn govern your Substance aspect to be manifested, and your Starr of David carries the main Energy action of your Christ Co-Creative responsibility.

The harmonious unity of Soul Atoms, Starrs of David, Y Factors, Staffs, and Rods covers the Trinity aspects of a Local Universe from the Intelligence, Energy, and Substance side.

The Trinitization of a Local Universe from the Father, Son/Daughter, and Mother side is somewhat more complex.

The working Father, Son/Daughter, and Mother aspect of a Local Universe is done by a collaboration of each Soul Atom in projection, a Father Melchizedek, the respective Creator Son/Daughter involved, and Alpha and Omega themselves in direct concert with the Master Spirits.

The Son/Daughter aspect of a Local Universe is carried out by the particular Creator Son/Daughter involved. The Creator Son/Daughters carry all the frequencies and responsibilities of the Only Begotten Son/Daughter within their Local Universe.

Just as the seventh dimension is the main stay of the Outer Creation, and fifth dimension the bottom line, the Creator Son/Daughters are the mainstay of the Only Begotten Son/Daughter responsibilities, and the myriads of Soul Atoms in projection are the bottom line. The Creator Son/Daughters collectively carry the blueprints of the Outer Creation.

The individual 'ever present now' requirements of the blue prints are passed on down into the consciousness of the Soul Atoms under their responsibility to implement as called for according to plan.

The Creator Son/Daughters are also responsible for all Christ light aspects of a Local Universe, and are the administrators of all affairs relating to the progression, assignments, and/or accomplishments of all the Soul Atoms at all the levels within their Local Universe.

They are also responsible for the original blueprint as to what their Local Universe is to accomplish, which they designed and had approved by the Holy Trinity before their Local Universe was commenced.

They also formulate the tasks of the Descendancy under their command, who are instrumental in forming and maintaining the environmental superstructures in which everything takes place, so the evolutions of the particular Ascendancies involved can take place according to the blueprints.

In the molding of their blueprints into Reality and their unfolding, the Creative Son/Daughters have considerable leeway of Free Will in how things are to be done as they see fit within the scope of their mandate. This can and sometimes does keep everyone on their toes. Creator Sons/Daughters however, never ever stray the course, nor do they ever ever put their plans in jeopardy.

Christ Michaels's Local Universe has gone through a brief period of anomalous activity known as the Luciferian Self Will Rebellion of the Cosmic Overplus. The activity was not by carelessness or improper design, it was through the completely new found unpredictable factor called the 'Unknown Power of the x' matrixed within the formulation of the Cosmic Overplus.

The unknown power of the x is the hitherto completely unknown component within Creation which is a unique outcome of the frequencies of the Cosmic Over-plus within the frequencies of Christ Michaels's Local Universe for the purposes of expansionary things to come in a new Super Universe to come. The New Super Universe to come is the main aim and purpose of Christ Michaels's Local Universe formulation.

The responsibility to deal with any new and unexpected consequence which could arise from the unknown power of the x regardless of severity, had been built into the blueprint and accepted well in advance as safeguard. The Luciferian Rebellion was an un-programmed outcome straight out of the Unknown Power of the x. Christ Michael has contained the crisis very deftly. Since two thousand years ago, the Luciferian anomaly was officially ended by Christ Michael on the Mount and the clean up is well underway as Armageddon.

The Creator Son/Daughters deal mainly with the Son/Daughter aspects of Creation. The Father side of a Local Universe is through the various Soul Atoms in projection, plus Father Melchizedeks. Each Soul Atom in projection carries a Father aspect within their square of consciousness matrix. The actual parenting aspect of the Father in and of itself for the Local Universe however, is carried out by only one Father Melchizedek per Local Universe.

Universally, throughout all of Creation, Life is governed by the Law of One or One Law. There is not good vs. evil in the universe, only the One Law of absolute love and service to the Creation for the Creators in all thought, word, and deed. Called Cosmic Law.

Evil as you see it is simply doing in practice the opposite of what you should be doing in principle. The reason is simple, disharmony is the result. What you think of as evil is only the presence of disharmony. Since the higher dimensions are absolutely free of disharmony because everyone always works with principle, 'good' and 'evil' are words which have no place.

Most of you are currently in ignorance of the One Law because you are in the third dimension by ill circumstances and your Christ alignment to the Creators has gone amiss. Consequently, trying to sort out the difference between good and evil has become one of your most enduring pastimes. A most unavailing endeavour as there is nothing in Reality to sort out.

Universally, the Law of One is manifested in all consciousnesses in all frequencies of all dimensions according to the Order of Melchizedek. Melchizedek is not a person, it is an order of rule. Melchizedek is the highest frequency of consciousness in all of Creation. Melchizedek consciousness embodies the full Christ capacity of the full Creative Order being undertaken by the Creators to expand themselves within themselves according to plan.

The order is not as in a Group or Association, but is as in, 'conduct most beatific', as in ''The super high frequency motivation to be of love and service to the Creation for the Creators in all thought, word, and deed'. Melchizedek consciousness is the universal voice of Christ.

All Descendant Beings are Christ Beings. All accomplished Ascendants are Christ Beings. All Christ Beings are of Melchizedek frequency in consciousness. 'I sware and will not repent, Christ is forever a Priest of the Order of Melchizedek'. Clearly then the 'Order of Melchizedek' is not an Earth order.

The Christ motivation stems from the original unification motive of the Creators, passed on as the motivation which enables all Soul Atoms of Creation to uphold their Will and Desire in total loving Co-Creative responsibility. It is the motivation by which all local Creations are blueprinted and the motivation by which the blueprints are implemented and put into practice as the expanding Creation.

Melchizedek Beings on the other hand are a specially dispensated version of Descending Christ Beings, called Melchizedeks, because of the pure dispensated levels of the Melchizedek Principle they embody. Melchizedek engineers under the Father Melchizedeks design, implement, and operate the respective Local Universe blueprints, creating the different frameworks in which the different histories of the different Souls groups within the differing Local Universes unfold in accordance with the master plan of the respective Creative Son/Daughters. More specifically related to the Ascendancy.

Melchizedeks also project into the blueprinted creations as site engineers to assure all goes well in the setting up of the blueprints and supervising their unfoldment according to the plan.

Because of the type of work Melchizedeks do when helping set up and maintaining the environments for the Evolution, they are often referred to as Cosmic Astrophysicists. At any ,given time twelve Melchizedeks would be present on any Planet which is carrying a Root Race responsibility, called Planetary Regents. The Regents work from the planet's fifth dimension. Earth at the moment has twelve Melchizedek Planetary Regents in its fifth dimension. Their work concerns more the successful transmigration of Earth to the womb of Orion as a radiant protostarr than to one or another particular outcome in Mankind's turbulant outer consciousness lesser condition, except where it impacts on the transmigration.

When working in a third and fourth dimensional time line situation if necessary, a Melchizedek will work from the fifth dimension by projecting an Ovarian Soul Atom into the consciousnesses of a responsible host in the third dimension for a periods of time as a so called 'Walk in'. On Earth, to the extent that Man's outer world condition has threatened Earth's migration to Orion, Melchizedeks have appeared in Earth's third dimensional time line situation from time to time.

A Melchizedek teaching was set up at the time of Abraham, proper higher consciousness awareness all but forsaken at the time. This time the teacher, one of the Regents, in the Old Testament called the Melchizedek King, was granted special dispensation to form an Earth plane outer bodily projection outside of both the normal Melchizedek method of working from a   host as a walk in, and outside of the normal incarnating birth processes from within the Earth plane time line condition.

For having tele-projected into the time line out of sorts, this particular Melchizedek Being has been permanently reconfigured on a positive basis as a regularly incarnating individual within Earth's Ascending evolutionary experience. The action is unique. Never before has such happened in all the annuls of Creation. Ingredient for things to come.

The Melchizedek teachings eventually spread across the mountains into India and China. In the Old Testament, the Melchizedek King rode beside Abraham on the field of battle, helped him win his battles by teaching higher spiritual interventions, and collected ten percent of the spoils as tithe. In the ancient Hindu Vedic scriptures, Krishna rode beside Arjuna on the field of battle, helped him win his battles by teaching him higher spiritual interventions and collected ten percent of the spoils.

Similar storied remnants remain within the earliest of the Chinese teachings leading eventually to the Taoist philosophies. There are now well over twenty-five hundred Melchizedek groups and Orders on Earth. All are Earth orders from religious precept save one. The Melchizedek tithe of ten percent is a universal principle. The Creators have built their entire Outer Creation from the ten percent which has been given back freely through tithing for Creative expansion at the levels of materialization.

Similarly, a Melchizedek Earth plane walk-in occurred in the mid fifties. The host graciously allowed the Soul Atom present to conduct their work at a full Melchizedek level without interference from his outer consciousness take on things. Resulting in the Christ teachings given to a small handful of the elect of Christ in the early seventies, which set up as core these current Revelatorium Revelations. Which in turn saved the planet from pending cataclysms in the mid nineties by raising everyone's mass consciousness sufficiently during the eighties through the pyramid principle, to dissolve the disharmony pressures portending the difficulties. And in turn has led to these Revelatorium Revelations, which were began in the late nineteen nineties which has occurred through a pure Melchizedek attunement in consciousness as an expansion of the original teachings, rather than by a walk-in.

Another walk in, which had been initiated in the late nineteen sixties was not as successful. The host in this case did not let go of his outer ego control of things. Consequently the walk-in did not produced the full beatific outcomes for Humanity for which it was intended, and still has not.

Father Melchizedeks themselves are a special dispensation of Melchizedeks yet again, who carry the parenting aspect of the Father within a Local Universe.

A Father Melchizedek accompanies every Creator Son/Daughter in their Local Universe. In their parenting action the Father Melchizedeks are specifically responsible for the coming through of all Soul Atoms into the Local Universe.

Just as Soul Atoms are originally from the side of Alpha at the Universal level, Souls Atom are brought into a Local Universe through the Father Melchizedeks at the dimensional level.

The work of the Creator Son/Daughters is focused through the seven dimensional octaves. The Creator Son/Daughters also formulate all of the different Starr of David frameworks within each of the different octaves of their Creation.

It is the Father Melchizedeks however, who have final say regards how the actual Soul Atoms themselves will fare or not within the Local Universe's overall formulations. The same is true whether the Soul Atoms are Ascending or Descending.

In short, the Creator Son/Daughters have one hundred percent jurisdiction over the spiritual activities of the projections which Soul Atoms make in the course of their respective responsibilities. The Father Melchizedeks have one hundred percent jurisdiction over the spiritual destinies of the Soul Atoms who make the projections.

This includes when they are to move up and where, when they are to stay as they are and when they are to be re-assigned back to the Creators if necessary.

Paradisiacal Son/Daughters project into the Outer Creation under the Saint frequency of Magistrate to juristrate if an Evolutionary Soul Group is ready to move on or not. The respective Father Melchizedek then stipulates into what new frequency they are to move or not according to the judgments, original purposes, and when.

The Mother and final side of a Local Universe Trinitization from the Father, Son/Daughter, and Mother side is directly from the Holy Trinity Mother and Alpha and Omega themselves. Who provide the fields through their Master Spirits, who maintain the staff fields so that Substance materializations can occur as bosom for every Soul Atom in projection at any frequency at any level within any Local Universe regardless of dispensation or responsibility.

In the current Creation the Father and Son play the forefront role. The Mother and Daughter will play the forefront role in the new things coming. The current forefront activity of the Father and Son is why your misconceptions of the day deny the Mother and Daughter their rightful place as equal partners within the making of Creation.

Regardless of your responsibility, or whether you are a Soul Atom of the Descendancy, the Ascendancy, are an Accomplished Soul Atom Ascendant, or of the Casted Dragon, you are an equal four part Father, Son, Daughter, and Mother square of consciousness in your expression when in a projection.

Likewise, regardless of your responsibility or whether you are a Soul Atom of the Descendancy or an Accomplished Soul Atom Ascendant, you are returned to Paradise from time to time for rejuvenation and recreation. Paradise is the holiday resort of Creation.