Starrgram 12: Physics of the Third and fourth Dimension

As detailed in Starrgram 8, the ordinary Matter Substance and Electromagnetic Matter Substance dimensions are a result of spontaneous precipitations of Tiny Particles out of the Great Even Pool of Darkness into the Underworld dimensions,

whereby the first three dimensions act together as a set called simply 'The Third Dimension''.

Under the influence of the first dimension, gross Matter Substance is bound together by positive and negative charge states. When ordinary charges behave harmoniously in matter, they appear in the lower frequencies as the charge states governing the behaviour of matter from the nuclear level to the molecular.

Through the systematic activities of the charges, precipitating fragments from the Great Even Pool of Darkness eventually coalesce into gross materializations and mass. The materializations allow the whole outer manifest side of the third and fourth dimension to become resulted according to rule.

The Substance nature of the Tiny Particles, plus the combined Energy vibrational features as brought together into the one and same vibrating particulates and their charges, defines again the overall character of the fourth dimension. Namely Substance/Energy.

In the material atoms of the third dimension, the internal pressures of the staffs and rods are the mechanism behind thermodynamics. Standing wave frequencies moving along the Y Factor segments transfer from one cubit to another along the staffs in quantum units of frequency effects, over and above those of the inter-dimensional rulings as that known as heat.

The density and frequency of the dimensions work in inverse to each other and are a function of the cubit Y Factors and Substance cubes respectively. Where the density is lower the frequency is higher and visa versa. Density is through the basic materialization of the dimension, and frequency is through net rate of vibration of its basic Energy factor. Density is according to the number of cubits per dimension comprising the net amount of Substance present.

You have a completely myopic understanding of the Universe at large because you gauge the whole in terms of the physics for just the one planetary system of Earth. Though you are starting to question.

Beyond the basic mechanics of the lower dimensions, the flavouring of the 'Laws of Physics' vary from each local to the next according to the evolutionary blueprint for the local, and can even change from time to time within a given local.

The quantifications are already starting to change a measured amount within your Solar System, which has moved into an area of higher proton ambient background Energies relative to the Local Universe since the fall of two thousand and twelve in its path around the great central Starr Alcione in the Pleiades system.

The fragments precipitating at the bottom of the third dimension in the Earth Solar System local are now occurring more energetically. The Substance/Energy interactions are already starting to occur with more and more intrinsic effect. Earth has recently sped up one second per year in its orbit around the Sun which cannot be accounted for by ordinary physics. The atmospheres on some of the Planets of the Solar System have started to expand. It is because more energy exists in the Solar System as a whole.

Similarly, many of you have been experiencing a chorus of complex steady ringing sounds in your head since. Thought by your Doctors to be tinnitus. In actuality, the atoms in your neuron molecules have sped up.

Regardless of the Galactic Underworld environment, Matter Substance exists in two forms, Ordinary Matter Substance and Electromagnetic Matter substance. These are not the same as dense Matter Substance and auric Matter Substance which were discussed in Starrgram 8. Ordinary and Electromagnetic are types of Matter Substance, dense and auric are states of Matter Substance. 

The most common form of Electromagnetic Matter Substance is photons.

Photons are unified fragment aggregations of Matter Substance of infinitesimal mass traveling at the speed of light. Photons bear the direct stamp of Substance/Energy for obtaining their Energy mainly from the lower electromagnetic components of the background fields as Electromagnetic Matter Substance.

Electromagnetic Matter Substance precipitates into the background fields as that you call the cosmic microwave background radiation. Ordinary Matter Substance and Electromagnetic Matter Substance interact readily with each other. Once the microwave photons become absorbed into Ordinary Matter Substance, they become re-emitted at the assorted frequencies of the Electromagnetic Matter Substance spectrum as the factors may bear.

Neutrinos travel at almost the speed of light and are the most basic component of Ordinary Matter Substance. Neutrinos are the smallest and most numerous of the elementary particles. Neutrinos have little linear inertial energy because they have nominal mass and virtually no charge. They do however, have an extremely high Energy component through spin, again mirroring the main characteristic of the fourth dimension, Substance/Energy.

Both photons and neutrinos carry Energy information from one local to another. They also help carry astrophysical moments for the behaviour of the local Matter Substance involved from one local to another. Both actions help to produce desired evolutionary changes within a given local.

Bearing in mind that the changes and altering effects upon all of the different stellar bodies bear upon the consciousness involved and not upon any other reason of themselves for themselves. Christ Consciousness is at the heart of all things cosmic and stellar.

At the physical level, Ordinary Matter Substance interacts routinely with photons, absorbing and emitting them on an ongoing basis at quantum levels. The vibrational energy level of the Ordinary Matter Substance is changed respectively. This accounts for some of the physical and astrophysical influences upon an environment.

Neutrinos for the most part pass right through. Their information is passed by harmonic resonance into the subtler auric vortex frequencies of the subatomic levels of its passage. This accounts for yet more of the influencing.

Ordinary gravity and auric magnetic influences such as planetary alignments account for much of the rest. Solar matter emissions such as solar winds, sun spots, solar flares, and Coronal Mass Ejections, also act astrophysically and magnetically, also affecting a local Planet family by both bombard and magnetic effects.

Intensely focused gamma rays are ultra-high Energy radiations which impart new frequencies directly into localized creations. The radiations are very powerful carriers of long distance Energy and inductional information.

Ubiquitous cosmic rays on the other hand are from the direction of the heart and center of Creation, stimulating from the top down as effect in the fourth and third dimensions, accumulating particle inertia as very energetic and generic enrichments for a whole domain.

Through cubistic matrixes, Starrs of David large and small exist throughout every level and every frequency of the Outer Creation. The interlinking Starrs of David components with Stellar cubistic matrixes contain inter-dimensional electromagnetic and magnetic fields both large and small.

Those of you who adhere to the electric universe theory have it more correct than the nuclear furnace proponents. The Starrs and their Planets are directly connected by mammoth electromagnetic and magnetic Energy container links in the fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh dimensions. Solar systems, Galaxies, and Local Universes are likewise interlinked. Locally the links are not readily detectable, in the overall some are gigantic.

Most of the assorted radiation and magnetic links found in great abundance between all parts of Creation both large and small, are respective container line segment components comprising the differing parts of Creation.

The overall physical evolution of Starrs and Planets is mainly from the interplay of the Energy lines as links and inductions. Starrs are polarized as electrical cathodes and Planets as anodes. Solar systems as a whole, Local Systems, and local Universes can be one or the other.

Solar flare coronal mass ejections, corona hole emissions, and the other physical radiations of a Sun as it changes under the electromagnetic influences, create effects observed within the Matter Substance levels of its Planets, which also contribute to their evolutions.

Gravity helps to collect atomic pieces into gas, dust, and small aggregates. However, Planets and Starrs do not start from gravity accumulations as supposed by your sciences. Rather, a Planet or Starr is started because a ninth dimensional Male/Female Triune Soul Atom/Atum Being projected one of its Ovarian Atoms down through the eighth dimension transformation portal and started up the Planet or Starr as its outer dimensional projection.

Their outer projection uses all of the outer dimensional frequencies of the Outer Creation expression to which it belongs, rather than just the outer frequencies of one dimension or another. The Lanonandek Son/Daughter local administrator of the Local Solar Sector involved, sets up the basic originating magnetic field where the Starr or Planet is to be located. Melchizedek Engineers then initiate an enhanced Matter Substance precipitation process into the field. The respective Soul Atum/Atom in the Stellar object involved then starts attracting the condensing precipitations along their magnetic lines to eventually form the outer bodily projection you call the Starr or Planet involved. Much in the same way your Soul Atum/Atom gradually precipitates your outer bodily projection in your Mother's womb when incarnating.

Gravity accumulations begin later once the attractions have reached accountable size as dust.

Once finished, the collected mass comprises the net gravity factor which you measure in your sciences. You do not take this overall process into account when plying your celestial mechanics which only deal with the end results.

In expressing themselves from the Great Even Pool of Darkness as Creation, the Creators set forth two rules of Substance/Energy for the lower dimensional part of the Outer Creation which are its signature. The first is that third dimensional Electromagnetic Matter Substance propagates through the background fields at a linear rate which you measure as the speed of light 'C'. The second is that the fields are optimized for an attraction rate of Gravity measured as that which you call the gravitational constant 'G'. All third dimensional Matter Substance draws together at a common rate governed by 'G'.

The optimized propagation rate 'C' of photons and neutrinos is only in the third dimensional frequencies. The auric speed of light in the upper fourth dimension is almost instantaneous.

The nine hundred trillion light year Creation of Reality is only from your third dimensional point of view. The inexorably evolving, slow, cold nine hundred trillion light-year-across Universe is only as it would appear to you through your third dimensional eyes. The higher dimensional eyes of Reality see a Creation which is fast evolving, warm and loving. The Creators see it unfolding in your equivalent of real time.

The exact 'C' and 'G' values as known by you are not the actual constant velocity and rate for the whole of Creation. Because of the particular accumulated background fields, 'C' and 'G' are only the velocity and rate of attraction for the material fields around Planet Earth in Earth's particular Solar System, in the Solar System's particular Solar Sector, in the Solar Sector's particular Local Universe, in the Local Universe's particular Super Universe.

You do not acknowledge the presence of the background fields, so you consider the speed of light to be a constant like a mechanical effect, resulting in a completely misconstrued view of Creation. Your cosmic calculations for the universe as a whole do not add up as they are based on the value parameters for the local of Earth only.

You already have been shown the key. The two Pioneer space probes you launched in the late seventies are not as far out from Earth as they should be according to your mathematics. Likewise, the solar stream at the edge of the Solar system is not moving anywhere near as fast as you expected. It is because both have traveled in and out of the different respective net Planetary fields of the various different Planets, imparting different net effects upon their motion plus incurring numerous interacting aural effects.

The third and fourth dimensional fields of the different Planets, solar systems, solar sectors, and Local Universes all differ because their Creative purposes differ. Each different net medium is different, and each net drift against the Even Pool is different according to its purpose. The different Creative Son/Daughters of each different Local Universe in particular radiate completely different Creative frequencies for being completely different people with completely different creative agendas.

Similarly, the motion of a photon moving out of one background field into another field which is moving at a different rate against the absolute rest background, will seem to bend a little in a curved path as it gets swept along within the new field relative to the earlier. A photon therefore, flies in a somewhat zigzag and varied path as it travels through the Cosmos over distance. Photons don't travel between the Super Universes as each Super Universe is differently configured according to its attribution.

Propagations stay within the confines of their Super Universe. Photons that reach the ends of their Super Universe fields dissipate back into Tiny Particles where the particular consciousness fields end. Natural entropy is occurring, but only in an inconsequential way at the boundaries of each Super Universe.

Distant stars and galaxies appear as they do through a telescope by fact that the photons which have arrived at the collection plate traveled in a parallel group throughout their history through the zigzags and disparate paths taken to arrive converged at just that point of collection. What scientists see as the very distant object is merely the remnant photon group that wasn't zigged or zagged out of the way. A distant light source which appears to the right, may actually have started out to the left.

Many of the high powered Quasars and Gamma ray bursts observed at the present time are deliberately concentrated parallel radiations, set up to converge specifically upon Earth and its environs at this present time as Energy line and container link inductions for evolutionary purposes. The same is true for all manifestations in Creation. Everything expands and evolves because of specific radiations delivered to their local by conscious cause. By Intelligent Design nothing of itself occurs and nothing occurs for nothing.

Similarly, Quasars are high powered Energy-directing Soul Atom/Atum Beings who send information from one domain to another in gigantic Energy beams like intensely focused lighthouse beams of light. Many of the high powered beams and X-ray and Gamma ray bursts increasingly detected by your scientists at the present time are radiations from Energy-directing Soul Atoms, which have been specifically configured for convergence upon Earth at the present time as both inductions and propagating wave links for purposes of the Aquarian Age and the  final stage of Earth's evolution to protostarr et al, now occurring.

You mistakenly think these are astronomically powerful radiating objects because you are looking up the beam. Like looking up a search light beam, concluding it is a spherically radiating source and therefore must be a humungously powerful radiating object, the X-ray and Gamma ray sources are no where as great as you suppose.

Similarly, that you view most Stellar environments of the third dimension as harsh realm is because you view only the lowest frequencies of Creation through rose-colored glasses of limited understanding. Not forgetting that under normal circumstances conscious observers such as yourselves in the third and fourth dimensions wouldn't even exist.

The magnetic and Electromagnetic Matter effects as known by you are particular adaptations of the electromagnetic effects of the Starr of David, specific only to Matter Substance through the spin factor.

The magnetic poles of the Starrs of David within individual spinning atoms in the Matter Substance realm, are much more dominant than the poles of non spinning interlocking Starrs of David in the non Matter Substance Realms.

Such magnetic effects as you observe at the third dimensional level have their origins in the fourth dimensional higher auric frequencies of the Starr of David. At the lower material level they outcome through the atomic weights of iron, cobalt, and nickel. Also giving rise to what you call electricity through electron flows. At the higher auric levels it is the source of what you call 'gravity'.

Your scientists have never been able to determine what the actual physical 'what' of gravity is. It is because gravity is not a physical thing. It is the lower levels of that experienced in all consciousnesses as love. Love attracts, gravity attracts.

Vibrations of the frequencies called love occur in original form as the causeless bond holding the Tiny Particles and the Intelligent Breath together is interfusion in the Great Even Pool of Darkness. After the original extraction of the two polarities by Alpha and Omega, they were harnessed into the frequencies of the Starr of David as part and parcel of the universal life force of Creation as part and parcel of the unification of the Creators.

The attractive power of love is from the Upper triangle Intelligence side. The feeling part is from the Lower Triangle Substance side. Together, the vibrations are embodied in all life, Starr of David component of the Only Begotten Son/Daughter. The interweaving of the Starr of David triangles allow the love and feeling vibrations of the Creators to emanate together as a single attraction, called gravity when present within the assorted material matrixes of the Galactic Underworld.

The lowest frequencies of love pass down from the Only Begotten Son/Daughter into the background fields of the fourth dimension through the consciousnesses involved, and appear in the precipitating fragments and coalescing fundamental and elementary particles as gravity. Without the presence of the higher consciousnesses holding the fields there would be no precipitating matter and no gravity.

The binding energies and magnetism work through the cubit circle and Starr of David intersections in concert with the rods. Rod and staff arms have a left side and a right side orientation relative to the opposite sides of the center point of the cubit. Gravity works through just the lower Starr of David triangle and does not include the frequencies of the rods or staffs. Binding energies and magnetism are therefore polarized whereas gravity is not.

What you call the mass of a bodily object is from the lower vibrational love emanations of the object's collective Lower Triangle components. The love vibrations of the Lower Triangle are not directional and are universally oriented.  All Love vibrations attract, all gravity vibrations attract.

The larger a bodily object, the more Lower Triangle components are contained within its collective cubistic matrixes, and the greater will be its love attraction reflected as a greater pull of gravity in accordance with your mass value measurement. You equate Inertia in Ordinary Matter Substance bodies as mass when stationary and momentum when moving.

As the cubes accumulate within cubistic matrixes, for every cube a Starr of David exists and for every Starr of David there is a Lower triangle with gravity attraction. Every Lower triangle ties to every other Lower triangle both inside and outside the matrix as gravity ties.

Macro mass objects outside a smaller matrix will act as centers of gravity with respect to a smaller matrix.

The matrixes will rotate around every center of gravity as angular momentum. The pathway of any matrix in motion can not be exactly linear no matter what the scale. What you call linear momentum is actually the composite of all the angular momentums. To change the direction or velocity of a moving matrix also requires changing the net angular momentum configurations of all the component parts. The net angular momentum's resistance to change is the body's net inertia.

In the mechanics of Ordinary Matter Substance, the opposite poles of a magnet attract while likes repel. In gravity, all pieces of Matter Substance attract regardless of size, orientation, or net direction of spin. Gravity serves to keep the whole Lower Creation together as a single cohesive whole, mirroring the original cohesive whole of the Intelligent Breath of the Even Pool.

Gravity like magnetism, manifests through the upper fourth dimensional frequencies of Matter Substance. Through inclusion of the rods, binding energies and magnetism are very powerful whereas for not having them gravity is not. Even the smallest magnet can pick up a piece of iron against the entire gravity pull of Earth. However, like the inter-dimensional Energy trunks, local gravity effects are very small but in the overall can be enormous.

The net gravity love attraction from each lower Starr of David is universally the same. The rate of attraction was set when the two hearts were extracted from the Even Pool, and remains the same regardless of dimension or local. The net gravitational love attraction between one body and another remains universally the same as that called 'G' within a particular field. Large bodies do not attract others any faster than small ones, just from farther way.

Within any localized field however, the pull of gravity correlates with the respective bodies mutual ability to propagate through the field, which varies with each particular field. Consequently the practical  value of 'G' varies slightly from field to field.

The combination of gravity and magnetic effects allow the Planets and Starrs to have a fixed axis of orientation with respect to each other within any created expression. The materialization of the third and fourth dimensions is therefore very well ordered according to rule by, both magnetic and gravitic affects under government of the relevant consciousnesses involved. Also, by the presences of the responsible Soul Atoms in projection in order to effect the creative principle upon Creation for which the particular third and fourth dimensional local was expressed.

Virtually unlimited possibilities exist for both creative form and creative purposes within the third and fourth dimension. Of all the Solar Systems in all of the Local Sectors in all of the Local Universes in all of the Super Universes, no two Planets, Starrs, or Solar Systems are exactly alike. Nor according to rule, can any two ever be exactly alike.

Through the first dimensional charge states, the third and fourth dimensions are cohesive. By the second dimensional aspects of thermodynamics and kinetics they are active. By the third dimensional factor of coagulation and accumulation they are Substantive. And by the fourth dimensional properties of magnetism and gravity they have form.

Creation though, is not a monitored control of every atom through every conceivable history. Rather, like soup, if the ingredients are correct, temperature is correct, and stirring is done at the respective appropriate times, a well-made soup results without anyone having to lay out the exact history of every piece of vegetable or molecule of Substance in the process. Creation works by Divine Order and not by extreme mathematics.

Cubistic blueprints under consciousness set the respective forces in motion. The cubistic rulings set out by the Creators keep the motions going. Creation is well-behaved because Creation is well ordered according to rule.

Additional mutually attracting forces in the Outer Creation comes from the Soul Atoms in projection themselves through the fifth and seventh dimensions. Plus the presence of the eighth dimensional Soul Atom/Atum Starrs and other cosmic bodies through the portal. Each and every one is a living spark of the cohesive Intelligence whole, materialized as living loving Christ Triune Beings. In Reality there is no one, great or beginning, who is not. On Earth at the present time many of you have forgotten.

Aggregations of rock and fusing matter are therefore not the reality of a mighty galaxy. Galaxies are loving communities of loving people.

You are oblivious to the attractive factor of the Soul Atoms in projections and have had to theorize invisible mass presences in the third dimension to account for some of the additional gravity you believe needed to account for the considerable observational discrepancies calculated within the overall third dimensional materializations of outer space.

Galaxies rotate as a solid plate because holding them together is the single originating cubit which initiated them. Plus the myriads of coherently related cubistic expressions within. Plus the linking factor of all of the Loving Soul Atoms one to the other at both the stellar and common people level. Which all add up to its one net cubistic stabilization. Every part of every galaxy is properly oriented so every evolution within its responsibility receives all due specific effects from the Cosmic Clock and dispensational Galactic core center flares and cycles according to the Creative purpose the galaxy and particular location were evolved for.

Likewise, lower Energies are never lost from the third and fourth dimensions. Once interred into manifestation through a precipitation, the interred lower Energy stays in the third and fourth dimensions until eventually ended by a precipitate dissolving back into the Tiny Particles, thereby poofing its Energies back into the background fields from which they had been garnered.

The Tiny Particles continually precipitate into existence at a faster rate than they poof back out of existence. Creation ever expands.

If consciousnesses stopped creating, the precipitations would all eventually dissolve back into the Tiny Particles, the essence of entropy. True entropy exists, but only in the absence of consciousnesses in the act of Creating.