Starrgram 14: Proofs of the Design

As revealed an Intelligent Design of Creation does exist. It has a specific purpose, it is dirt simple, it is infinitely powerful and based on only a few simple rules. By the Design every aspect of Creation is by order of rule and every aspect has a specific role to play. The rendering  of the Intelligent Design as revealed in is in the most simplistic, yet comprehensive form ever yet presented in front of Creation. The Design is able to produce Creative result without limit.

The core components of the modus operand are formulated through a program of geometric interactions called Cubistics. At heart of cubistics is the Holy Trinity. The Holy Trinity is not a Father, Son, and Holy Ghost as you are being taught. It is a fully consecrated family principle of Father, Mother, and Only Begotten Son/Daughter. 'As above so below'.

The personae of the Father is 'Alpha', the personae of the Mother is 'Omega', and the personae of their Only Begotten Son/Daughter is 'Christ'. The term 'Creators' is usually taken to be Alpha and Omega together, Father and Mother which you currently call God. Creation is the Will, Desire, and Action of Alpha and Omega to expand themselves within themselves according to rule.

The Intelligent Design is backboned on the family principle in a fundamental way. The attribute of the Father is 'Intelligence'. The attribute of the Mother is 'Substance'. The attribute of the Only Begotten Son/Daughter is 'Energy'. Creation comprises only consciously caused outer manifestations of Intelligence, Energy, and Substance under the guidance, direction, and protection of their Holy Trinity Self. Alpha and Omega are eighteenth dimensional. Creation comprises the thirteenth dimension and below. Outside of Alpha and Omega nothing exists. Their eighteenth dimension is called 'The Great Even Pool of Darkness'. Their Great Even Pool of Darkness self comprises only Intelligent Breath and Tiny Particles of Substance. The Breath and Tiny Particles are causelessly entropic, falling ever lower and lower in frequency towards an eventual ultimate cessation of existence. The purpose of Alpha and Omega's Intelligent Design is to convert their original uncaused entropic eighteenth dimensional frequencies of Intelligent Breath and Tiny Particles of Substance into everlasting caused non-entropic expressions of Intelligence, Energy, and Substance manifestations called Creation.

Their Intelligent Design is continuously brought forward within a scaffolding of lower and lower frequencies called Dimensions which Alpha and Omega established within themselves in preparation. The dimensions are eighteen to one. Their Holy Trinity Self comprises the entirety of their fifteenth dimension. Their Holy Trinity Self is completely un-materialized. Their Created outer body self, known as 'Creation', is their thirteenth dimension and below and is totally materialized. The whole of their fourteenth dimension is a created interface called 'The Cube and Sphere of Alpha and Omega' sitting between their un-materialized frequencies in their fifteenth dimension and above, and their materialized frequencies in their thirteenth dimension and below.

The Intelligent Design of Creation is revealed in full in website For convenience, the complete list of Starrgrams of the Intelligent Design are listed in the Indexes at the right.

The Intelligent Design of Creation has recently found proof in a number of startling ways at Earth's common third dimensional level. As discussed in Starrgram 4 of The Intelligent Design, a core component is the geometric principle called, 'Cubistics'. Cubits are like building blocks, similar to Lego pieces that can make many things. An ordered collection of cubits according to rule is called a Cubistic Matrix.

By Cubistics all of the Outer Creation has been blueprinted and expressed. Like a blueprint, Cubistic matrixes hold all of the information needed to produce a Creation at the planning stage, and like a roadmap afterwards depicts all of the basic principles of the Creation when completed.

The Design has shown up in the Third Dimension in interesting ways. Figure 1 below, taken from Figure 82 in Starrgram 7 and rotated 90 degrees is the cubistic matrix depicting the seven dimensions of the Outer Creation. Figure 82 was brought down 'as is' in the winter of two thousand and two as part and parcel of the Intelligent Design of Creation portion of the original work titled The Revelatorium. As discussed in Starrgram 7 of the design, each distinct little yellow hexagon part of the figure is called a 'Cubit'

As also discussed step by step in Starrgram 5 of the Design, in any cubistic representation the red circles represents the presence of Intelligence, the yellow hexagonal cubes represents the presence of Substance, the straight Y Factor blue lines represent the presence of Energy and the crisscrossing blue lines extending out of the Y Factors represent the presence of the radiating action of Energy, and the white crisscrossing lines of the Starrs of David represent the presence of the inner radiating action of Energy.

Similarly, as further explained in Starrgram 5 any thick representation of the color means the particular attribute is in normal presence, a thin representation means it is diminished. By this ruling for example, in Figure 1 below, in the second outermost ring of cubits Substance, (yellow) is diminished while Intelligence (red) and the Y Factor energies (blue) are in normal attribution.

Since the second outermost ring depicts the sixth dimension, what is been shown in Figure 1 for example, is that the attribution of the sixth dimension is Intelligence/Energy where Substance (yellow cubes) is diminished.

As likewise detailed step by step in Starrgram 7 of the Design, the outer ring of twenty four cubits in Figure 1 depicts the seventh dimension with no diminished attributes. The third ring in of twelve cubits depicts the fifth dimension where Energy, (blue lines) is diminished.

Inside the fifth dimensional ring of cubits is a conglomerate of seven different cubits representing collectively the fourth dimension of diminished Intelligence (red circles). And inside the center cubit of the conglomerate, the first, second, and third dimensional union of Intelligence, Energy, and Substance are collectively depicted as one cubit with their respective diminished attributes represented within but hard to see for being so small. Figure 1 in total presents the frequency attributions of all seven dimensions of the Outer Creation at one glance.

Cubistics is fractal. It is the Universal progenitor fractal principle from which all other fractals derive. A billion years ago an outer materialization of flora and fauna was initiated on Earth's surface based on the fractal rules of Cubistics. The materialization of Earth's third and fourth dimensions is called Matter Substance.

The materialization of Earth's fifth dimension is called 'Morontia' Substance. Morontia Substance appears together in common with Matter Substance as the Physical Universe seen by your eyes and telescopes, but you do not see the Morontia portion because the frequencies are too high.

Likewise, the fourth dimensional component aspects are too high in frequency for your eyes and instruments to see. The materialization of the seventh dimensional is architectural, also too high in frequency for normal vision and instrumentation, represented in the Figure below as the outer yellow ring of all equal attributions.  (Fig. 107).

Fig. 107 - Cubistic presentation of the Seven Dimensions of the Outer Creation

Recently, outer world physical representations of the rulings have starting turning up in real life within the Earth's third dimensional outer world phenomenology. Figure 2 below is a blow up of a lens flare which appeared in a Nikon photograph of the Sun taken in January of 2014, discovered on the Internet in May of 2016.

A close comparison of Figures 1 and 2 confirms that Figure 2 is an almost exact reflection of Figure 1, showing a stand alone outer yellow ring matching exactly the ring of Architectural Substance of Figure 1. The next ring in is dark, matching the sixth dimension of diminished Substance. The next ring in is yellow again, representing the fifth dimensionality of Morontia Substance. Inside that is the third and fourth dimensional conglomerate of seven cubits tied together. It doesn't match up closer than that. (Fig. 108).

Fig. 108 - Blow up of the lens flare

Figure 3 below is the original photograph with original blow up attached. The original flare is the small white spot at the five o'clock position in the photograph, originally thought to be Nibiru by those who get excited about such things. (Fig. 109).

Fig.109 - Native lens flare

The next figure below is Figure 1 rotated back 90 degrees to its original orientation in Starrgram 7 of the Design.  (Fig. 110).

Fig. 110 - Figure 1 rotated 90 degrees back.

Figure 5 below is a photograph taken of the hexagon at the North Pole of Saturn by NASA in early 2012. It shows the exact same type of cubistic structure as Figure 4. This example is particularly significant in that it clearly shows a definitive representation of the first, second, and third dimensional center cubit of Figure 4. (Fig. 111).

Fig. 111 - Saturn hexagon

Similarly, as revealed in Starrgram 3, the Cube and Sphere of Alpha and Omega is their very first generated outer cubistic formulation of themselves in materialized form and is the first living atom in Creation.

As also explained, it is the projection of the inner principles of their Holy Trinity self manifested into an outer form of frequencies in order to begin Creation. It is the interface between their higher un-manifested frequencies in their fifteenth dimension and higher, and their manifested frequencies in their thirteenth dimension and below as Creation.

Specifically, as explained in Starrgram 3 of the  Design, the yellow portion of the Cube and Sphere is a Cube of Pure Substance, the red portion is a Sphere of Pure Intelligence, and the blue portions are Upper and Lower Y Factors of Pure Energy.

The Cube and Sphere comprises the entirety of the fourteenth dimension. It is the cornerstone of their Intelligent Design applied into working practice, and is the progenitor mould for all Soul Atom Beings in Creation which have followed in great number. Earth alone has nearly seven billion Soul Atoms currently on it surface and Earth is only one out of a current Outer Creation which is over nine hundred trillion light years across.

Because of the Cubistic factuality upon with the organic surface upon Earth was founded, the Cube and Sphere figures into every aspect of Earth's outer expression, not forgetting that the Cube and Sphere was brought though on paper exactly as shown in fig, 38 of Starrgram 3 in two thousand and two. For purposes of the proof, The Cube and Sphere is shown rotated at fifteen degrees below. (Fig. 112).

Fig. 112 - Cube and Sphere of Alpha and Omega

In two thousand and thirteen, interesting photographs of melted snowflakes were found on the Internet for the first time. The photographs were taken by the Japanese photographer Dr. M. Emoto. Figure 7 below is an Emoto ice crystal photograph. If rotated about ten degrees clockwise in mind's eye, it very clearly reveals the Cube and Sphere principles of the Cube, Sphere, and Y Factors of Figure 112 captured perfectly in the effect except for the Y Factor portion in the middle. Even the ratio between the size of the Sphere and size of the hexagonal Cube is exact, not forgetting that Fig, 112 was first brought through 'as is' in early two thousand and one.

The exact match up is not by accident, as mentioned Earth's outer surface evolution was started one billion years ago founded solely on the principles of Cubistics. Which in turn is founded solely on the principles of the Cube and Sphere. (Fig. 113).

Fig. 113 - Dr. Emoto melted Snowflake reflection

The one nice thing about consistency is that it proves itself. The Cubistic rules of the Design are also shown just as well by actual ice crystal photos taken before they melted, shown below. The ice crystals were photographed in Riga. Latvia on January 8, 2017. The picture was taken because he had noticed vertical light columns on a cold winter night and wanted to see if he could capture the crystals causing the columns. Two or three photographs were subsequently posted on website as a matter of interest. Don't forget, the photographers didn't produce the melted ice crystal in Figure 113 above and the ice crystals shown below, they merely photographed them as they occurred. Nature produced them in accordance with rules of the Intelligent Design. Again, as can be clearly seen, the Cube and Sphere Principle is well exhibited. (Fig. 114).

Fig. 114 - Ice Crystal Reflection

.The following is the original slide from the Space Weather website from which the above sample was taken. You will notice a slew of Cubistic effects all over the place. The one above in particular is from the upper left. (Fig. 115).

Fig. 115 - Original Ice Crystal Reflection

.As further explained in Starrgram 4, the Cube and Sphere of Alpha and Omega projected one dimension down produces a basic cubistic component called the 'Cubit'. In the cubit, the Cube becomes a hexagonal cube of Substance, the Sphere becomes a circle of Intelligence, the Y Factors become flattened lines of Energy, and the Starr of David holding the circle and Intelligence together in perfect balance becomes visible.

As explained more in Starrgram 5 of the Intelligent Design, a cubit is not a 'Howlongisit' it is a 'Whatisit'. The cubit is the basic genome of Creation, and by its use the whole of Creation has been blueprinted and expressed. All Soul Atoms in Creation are embodiments of the Cube and Sphere principles, but in cubit form, including yourselves. The presence of the Starr of David in the cubit, not seen in the Cube and Sphere itself shows why the Cube portion and the Sphere portion in Figure 6 are held in perfect balance of their potentials according to rule. The proportionality is clearly shown in the Figure below. The original is Figure 39 in Starrgram 4.  (Fig. 116).

Fig. 116 - The Cubit

As Figure 1 above exemplifies, cubits can be expanded into cubistic matrixes. A close look reveals that Figure 1 is composed entirely of cubits like Figure 10, with each cubit reflecting a difference in attributions according to its purpose.

Planning out cubistic matrixes in principle according to intention in advance is how Creation is blueprinted. Cubistics upholding the manifestation in consciousness when done is how Creation is upheld afterwards as the intentions fulfilled.

The simplest cubistic matrix possible is a second cubit surrounding the first. The next Figure below is Fig, 49 from Starrgram 6 of the Intelligent Design. Starrgram 6 explains in detail how the second cubit is expanded from the original single cubit, as a simple cubistic matrix according to rule. (Fig. 117).

Fig. 117 - Simple Cubistic Matrix

A second crystal sitting just under the flying sprite near the bottom right of Figure 9 above, exhibits the Principle decisively. (Fig. 118).

Figure 118 - Second frozen ice crystal.

Similarly, the Cubistic Matrix below is fig 77 in Starrgram 7, representing one of the interim steps in the expansion of the basic fourth dimensional cubit of the Outer Creation into the fifth. The hexagonal conglomerate of seven respective cubits tied together is the basic cubistic configuration of the fourth dimensional component of the Outer Creation. The diminished fourth dimensional circle of Intelligence is present in the conglomerate though hard to see. (Fig.119).

Fig. 119 - Interim fifth dimensional component of the Outer Creation.

The next Figure below is another Masaru Emoto melted snowflake found on the Internet in 2013. Which, while missing a few pieces is unmistakably a very close mirror of fig. 119. The circle in the middle of fig. 120, is present in the same location in fig. 119, albeit much less diminished. Likewise, the presence of the Y Factors in fig. 119 in the conglomerate is shown by the small gaps in the circle exactly where they should be. This one is the money shot because the match is almost exactly true to form and falls exactly within the formats of a Cubistic Matrix, revealing un-contestably the Cubistic Engineering underlying Earth's outer projectional surface. (Fig. 120).

Fig. 120 - 2nd Dr. Omoto melted Snowflake reflection

The thing to remember is that the Intelligent Design was not created by an Author in an effort to explain these photographic results. The cubistic renderings of the Intelligent Design were done  years before these third dimensional outer world examples even began to become noticed let alone created.  The Intelligent Design of Creation behind all Creation created these outer effects and not the other way around.

It is not remarkable that such melted snowflakes and lens flares representations replicate the ruling of cubistic matrixes almost perfectly. As stated earlier, Earth was matrixed with a third dimensional evolution one billion years ago founded totally on specific cubistic blueprints specifically designed to produce the kind of evolutionary progressions needed on Earth to return it from two strand DNA dross to twelve strand Crystalline DNA over the ages, nearly completed.

By fact of the Intelligent Design the inter-dimensional laws of Creation are consistently the same throughout all dimensions of Creation from the fourteenth dimension down to the first. In the third dimension they are consistent all the way down to the simplest aspects, even down to the parts of an atom.

The fact can't be made plainer than the following image which appeared in an article in the Science section of on April 26,2016. The article shows women's eggs flashing light at the instant of fertilization by a Male sperm. It relates directly to a section in the middle of Starrgram 1 of the Design, detailing how a spark of recognition was lit when Alpha first discovered Omega sitting obliquely with him within the Great Even Pool of Darkness. The spark was light created. By using the light, Alpha and Omega were eventually able to forge their Great Cosmic Plan to redeem themselves from their original state of ill fated entropic Intelligent Breath and Tiny Particles of Substance within the Even Pool into everlasting manifestations of Intelligence, Energy, and Substance as Creation. The Intelligent Design of Creation as now presented is the Modus operand of their Great Plan.

As stated in Starr1, the original spark of light was from an instant fusing of some of the frequencies of Life within the Intelligent Breath and some of the frequencies of Life within the Tiny Particles of Substance when they had come into direct contact for the very first time. The fusion into light from such a contact remains the same all the way down through all frequencies of all dimensions into even the third dimension. People have light bulb moments all the time by the same action of recognition.

It is also exactly the same at the instant of conception within your birthing experience. Life frequencies of Intelligence within the sperm make direct contact with Life frequencies of Substance within the egg. The result is an instant flash of pure white light which new Mothers have long experienced but has now finally been photographed as the image below clearly shows. Because the fusion is within refined Intelligence and Substance vibrations of the Only Begotten Son/Daughter, the light is under helm of a Starr of David within the Intelligent Design. At the instant of conception the lower Triangle half splits off and goes down into the Mother's womb to initiate and manage the materializing body side of the incarnation. The Upper Triangle half goes up into the consciousness of the Mother's Soul Atom self to initiate the outer consciousness side or outer ego of the new born to be. At the exact moment of birth, the two halves are re-united again within the new born materialized body. The re-united Starr of David serves as the nucleus for the newborn's newly formed outer consciousness or Ego part, which is triggered into self awareness by the unification. (Fig. 121).

Fig. 121 - Photographed Flashes of Conception

And finally one last example, a small point but one which is highly relevant. To paraphrase snippets from In Starrgrams 12 and 8 dealing with the Principles of the Third and fourth dimensions respectively, it was explicitly shown that Starrs, Planets and Galaxies are Cubistically interconnected by electromagnetic and magnetic Energy trunks large and small, holding whole areas of the Cosmos synchronized together in single whole Cubistic Matrixes large and small. 

Similarly, in the mechanics of Ordinary Matter Substance whereas the opposite poles of a magnet attract while likes repel. On the other hand in gravity, all pieces of Matter Substance attract together regardless of size, orientation, or net direction of spin. Gravity is the lowest frequency in the vibrations of Love. Gravity serves to keep the whole Lower Creation together as a single cohesive whole, mirroring the original cohesive whole of the original Intelligent Breath of the Even Pool.

Gravity like magnetism, manifests through the upper fourth dimensional frequencies of Matter Substance. Through inclusion of the rods, magnetism is very powerful. Whereas for not having them, gravity is not. Even the smallest magnet can pick up a piece of iron against the entire gravity pull of Earth. Like the inter-dimensional trunks of Energy, local gravity effects are very small but in the overall can be enormous.

Similarly, an additional mutually attracting force in the Outer Creation holding the larger manifestations together comes from the loving Soul Atoms in projection through the fifth and seventh dimensions. Plus also the presence of the eighth dimensional loving Soul Atom/Atum Starrs and other cosmic bodies through the portal. Each and every one is a living spark of the cohesive Intelligence whole, materialized as living loving Christ Triune Beings. Aggregations of rock and fusing matter are not the reality of a mighty galaxy, Galaxies are loving communities of loving people.

in an article published on the internet by, on November 12, 2019, the following entries were noted, "Galaxies millions of light years away seem to be connected by an unseen network of massive intergalactic structures, which force them to synchronize in ways that can't be explained by existing astrophysics.

"The observed coherence must have some relationship with large-scale structures, because it is impossible that the galaxies separated by six megaparsecs [roughly 20 million light years] directly interact with each other,"

"There have been many instances of astronomers observing galaxies that seem to be connected and moving in sync with each other. A study published in The The Astrophysical Journal in October, 2019 found that hundreds of galaxies are rotating in exactly the same way, despite being millions of light years apart."

"And a separate study, published in the journal Astronomy and Astrophysics in 2014, found super massive black holes aligning with each other, despite being billions of light years apart".

Cubistics is at the heart because Cubistics is how the great Intelligent Design of Alpha and Omega manifests.

In case you have inferred that the above few cubistic examples were concoct4ed to explain the sampled findings, you are reminded that the parts of the Intelligent Design revelation as shown above were completed by early two thousand and two. Similarly, in case you inferred that the few cubistic samples shown above comprise the entirety of the Design at the third dimensional level, it helps to know that even a simple electron has thousands upon thousands of Cubistic members. If Figure 107 were flushed out to its full Cubistic capacity of every part and parcel through every Super Universe of seven dimensions each, it would contain a transcendental times a transcendental number, times a transcendental number of member parts, taken a transcendental times over. Each tiniest part would have it's own unique vibration and frequency yet throughout it all, only the same few simple rules and Principles as given in the Design expresses each and every one.

Which are basically that the rulings of the Intelligent Design are held in the consciousness of the Holy Trinity in the fifteenth dimension. The Cube and Sphere of Alpha and Omega puts the rules into action. The Creation is the practical end result. The projected Sphere within the Cube and Sphere of Alpha and Omega, represents the Intelligence of the Father, the projected Cube represent the Substance of the Mother, and the projected Blue lines represent the Energy of the Only Begotten Son/Daughter. Intelligence, Energy, and Substance is all there is.

Creation is built entirely upon the Cubistic principles of the Intelligent Design, formulated by the Creators to expand themselves within themselves according to plan. Creation is under constant production of their Consciousness on an ever expanding basis. You have learned more about how Creation works in this one simple little Starrgram than in all of the textbooks throughout all of Mankind's history taken together.

You are free to repost or use any part of this information, or all, anyway you like as long as you provide a link or reference to and/or website or book as source.


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