Starrgram 21: Structure of the Electron

The Unified Field Theory is being presented posthumously through a number of websites. The material is work done by Rhaedonnahh-Starr Livingstone, which began in the late nineteen sixties and concluded with the 'Electron Structure' in the summer of 2012. The 'Electron Structure' was done in a single monumental two week push in early August of two thousand and twelve.

The work is in the raw, published under the pen name of Greydie or Greydon Moore.. It does however present a very detailed look at atomic structures and their cross links to equivalents within the Macro astronomic picture. The work is likewise not in terms of traditional particle physics mathematics, but is rather though a very simple pocket calculator method he developed for generating the same results without the normal complex derivations.

It may be of interest to know that three times over the forty five odd year period since he started, he generated a correct 'next significant figure' for the Fine Structure Constant using his pocket calculator method, each time years before the next value was officially published by the scientific community.

  1. Electron Structure